죠지 george

R&B 싱어송라이터 죠지는 데뷔 전부터 페이스북 페이지 '죠지라이프'를 운영하며 특유의 유쾌함으로 아티스트로서의 첫인상을 남겼다. 이후 싱글 [Boat]를 통해 존재감을 보여주었으며, 2018년에 발매한 첫 EP 앨범 [cassette]이 애플뮤직 R&B 앨범차트 1위, 메인 앨범 차트 5위를 기록하며 음악성을 인정받았다. 아도이, 프라이머리 등 다양한 아티스트와 콜라보레이션을 진행하며 지속적으로 새로운 모습을 보여주고 있는 죠지는 CJ 튠업 19기 아티스트로 선정되었으며, 싱글 [Swimming pool]은 애플 뮤직의 ‘2018년을 빛낸 최고작’에 이름을 올리며 음악성까지 인정받고 있다.

Since before his debut, george has kept in touch with people on his facebook page “georgelife”, establishing an image for himself of being a witty and happy, and sometimes a serious artist. Soon after that his career in the music business kicked off and he continues to give off his delightful vibes in his music videos and social media, which is exactly what the public loves him for. In 2017, george premiered a single ‘Boat’ whose localized R&B sound and an unprecedented “Do it Yourself” music video earned him notable attention from both the critics and the public. Following that, george unveiled his debut EP [cassette] and the album climbed all the way up to the top of the Apple Music R&B Chart, taking the fifth place of the Main Album Chart. With the debut album’s success, he has shown amazing talent and presence by collaborating with fellow artists such as Adoy and Primary. george was chosen as the 19th CJ Tune Up Artist of 2018 and his another single ‘Swimming Pool’ has been selected as by Apple Music Korea’s editors.

2019 EP [LEEEE]
2019 SINGLE [DINGO X 죠지]
2019 SINGLE [바라봐줘요]
2018 EP [cassette]
2018 SINGLE [Swimming pool]
2017 SINGLE [Boat]
2016 SINGLE [아엠죠지 ( I am george]

2018 Grand Mint Festival
2018 Green Plugged Seoul
2017 ARCH vol.2
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2018 KBS <유희열의 스케치북>
2018 KBS <올댓뮤직>